Mar 29 2014

Goyard bags in the history of high Faraday

Goyard was founded in 1853 , more than 150 years of history, its founder is Francois Goyard. Nineteenth century, European trains, ships developed, the phenomenon of mass travel community . At that time the royal family , the aristocracy , the rich love to travel in early spring , to take a few months time ,Goyard Handbags  you need a lot of wood cabinets (Trunk), installed a lot of clothes and personal supplies , such as books , polo supplies, toiletry items , etc. I hope the comforts of home while traveling .

Founded in 1853 as a French family quotient system box originator , Goyard luggage brand loyalty to the origin of the historical heritage, uncompromising craftsmanship and creative design to create a precedent for the times , the achievements of the Paris luggage aesthetic maverick . 160 years, from the 19th century stipple type Y word printed fabrics to attain quality and consistent , making travel Goyard Art Fragrance constant dynamic , timeless.

In response to guest needs Goyard suitcase designed for different purposes , like Diptyque candle boxes, champagne boxes, can be described as creating a precedent . Designed to accommodate 1920 ‘s first typewriter , paper books and documents suitcases , luggage department by the French government granted a patent . There has never been a bicycle boxes, beer boxes.

Therefore , Goyard ‘s customers include the British royal family , the U.S. president and the Russian aristocracy , “Sherlock Holmes” author Arthur Conan Doyle ‘s wife ordered her husband will be worked out with the desk, supermodel Naomi Campbell also ordered the dogs to the dog appliances luggage box . As long as the guests , Goyard can be done, it can be said is popular Goyard Tote Price throughout Europe and high society .

Goyard travel trunk particularly bright and clean . Because all waterproof canvas bag making , they are linen, cotton and hemp fibers woven into the mix and then coated with glossy arabinose (Crystal Gum Arabic), which originally had waterproof force good, solid poplar and beech wooden travel and more durable . With metal hardware : Corner, lock and handle each site, workers are hand- inlaid , each and nails, each car line, each leather fold , as a French crafts.

Y-shaped pattern Goyard canvas early in 1892 pioneered the first time in this suitcase decorative patterns , earlier than LV Monogram pattern appears .

Pattern on the canvas , but also by the workers one by one on the spot , rather than the imprint template . Each point on the Y- inspired flowers from four to four colors representative. France Traditionally , Y word pattern is a symbol of the tree, and the tree and a symbol of man, this consists of three V -shaped pattern consisting of Y , extension of three generations of men Goyard family.

From the feel , the canvas skins soft light , for people who travel a great favor , in addition, no Ying Bengbeng or too soft fall powerless shape. From the rounded shape of the handle alone , each one manually do car line, with the position of the hand placed carefully so simple , exquisite detail , gives intimate feel.

Guests can do personalize service for guests in the bag or suitcase painted initials and special personal Goyard Tote significance pattern, but if you want to add , such as leaves Mira special pattern , then we must face in order to discuss with the designer . Although Mr.Alex Signoles will come to Hong Kong from time to time , it is difficult to meet all customer requirements, so the store’s staff can also provide some simple subscription services for customers, such as with abbreviations and straight bars. Generally three letters or numbers to 0 , a straight bar to 0 , but the price pattern to special interviews with designers.

Mar 29 2014

Goyard custom designed for the Chinese package Saint-Louis

Founded in 1853 as a French family quotient system box originator , Goyard to be loyal to the origin of the historical heritage, uncompromising craftsmanship and creative design to create a precedent for the times , the achievements of the Paris luggage aesthetic maverick . 160 years, Goyard Handbags from the 19th century stipple type Y word printed fabrics to attain quality and consistent , making travel Goyard Art Fragrance constant dynamic , timeless.

Goyard Saint-Louis elegant tote bag is a classic and practical in one package, which uses bold design , the creative inspiration from traditional and contemporary fashion bag integration , pervaded time charm, and joy in the refined swaying illusion ; fabrics used by the linen , cotton and blended twine , durable waterproof canvas , and with Goyard famous stipple pattern type Y word aesthetics of traditional crafts , clever combination of all this together into one so that the world’s women the obsession with unique handbags.

This tote bag in black, red, green , yellow, orange , sky blue, navy blue , wine red and white options , you can also customize the color of the letters and symbols based on customer demand , makes it a unique and exclusive products . This section of bags available in two sizes : GM, MM.

High Iliad (Goyard) 2013 custom luggage SHELFlive

Patterns of the 19th century , with the growing popularity of travel to Europe , when celebrities dignitaries for their travel and equipment needs with a clear gradually with the desired characteristics of the individual , so a wide range of colors Goyard Tote Price and badges, and name initials of will become a unique identity on luggage . Senior French luggage manufacturer of high Iliad (Goyard) will be able to offer this uniquely personal and exclusive customization services and their users to bring out luggage noble temperament and unique charm. Duchess of Windsor and had asked his name hand-painted on the Goyard suitcase , and a soft spot for the vertical sash , Duke liked the cheerful bright yellow and red , the Duchess is favored luxury sapphire blue and yellow , so, these exclusive imprint appeared in a large number of their luggage, suitcases and hat boxes .

High Iliad (Goyard) has strictly followed the traditional luggage tag , with natural pigments with completely handmade . Expertise in power team , the workshop where artisans make every mark in accordance with patrons can choose in various counters , their creativity and vision turned into reality. Customized suggested numerous counter category : numerous typesetting format , beautiful lace gem font sample size, or horizontal or vertical, or a combination of single or multiple , unique trim, profound meaning of numbers, etc. , everything . In addition, high Iliad (Goyard) professional team but also according to specific uses , mainly a combination of care provided shapes , colors and overall coordination characteristics guidance, the results of the harvest and make it most appropriate for their needs .

Today, the long-term accumulation of wealth of proprietary technology allows high Iliad (Goyard) have more unique personality of the guests . Gabrielle Chanel embellishment (Coco Chanel) on a custom black suitcase with Goyard Tote exquisite gilded ornaments, two rows of silver and crimson sash is separated by a period of two red letter “C” against the background of exceptionally agile, which with its overlap has caused his family logo is completely different. Household legendary pianist Artur Rubinstein (Arthur Rubinstein) choose to white , with pure red token to write initials , marked on both sides of his new address in New York , so this idea only with his parade of the world ‘s large trunk eye-catching.

Mar 29 2014

How to identify fake designer handbags ?

Let’s say you are in the hands of some spare cash after the holidays ( perhaps because you do not want changed hands a gift ) , hoping to buy their own designer handbags – perhaps Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), Chanel (Chanel) or Coach (Coach). You can go to these brand boutiques or department store counters to buy. However , now more and more people will bargain to buy these products through online discount , or in the secondary Goyard Handbags market , shop or consignment stores. But doing a little risky , because you can not make sure you buy the real thing . Slideshow : How to identify fake Louis Vuitton handbags Slideshow : How to identify fake Louis Vuitton handbags Slideshow : How to identify fake Louis Vuitton handbags for example , in writing “cheap buy luxury accessories : new website and stores offer gently used designer handbags “(Luxury For Less: New Web Sites And Shops Offer Gently Used Designer Goods) of this article the process, ” Forbes “magazine writer Wendy Griffiths (Wendy Goffe) in San Francisco in this Chris consignment store to buy a handbag on the map . Hardware accessories from a variety of colors and plaid pattern on the point of view, this package is a Louis Vuitton handbag. But this is the real thing right ?
As Chris consignment shop owner, Chris Zander (Cris Zander) can not guarantee that the package is genuine , but she assured the Ge Fei , if the package proved to be fake, she will buy a bag full refund Sian spent the $ 500 ( if purchased new styles like Louis Vuitton handbags , the price will be the amount of times ) .
We find a direct source of goods , Louis Vuitton invited to participate in their Fifth Avenue store captured video. Our suggestion is : a Louis Vuitton bag on behalf of the store displays next to the bag , and 11 show various features to our handbags , explaining the reasons for this package is genuine or fake .
Our four different requirements Louis Vuitton representative within a month time, but have not received a reply.
We intend to interview other luxury manufacturers , asking how to identify counterfeit brand goods , the plan also did not succeed . Coach did not respond . Kate Spade (Kate Spade) is a representative said now is not convenient. French luggage brand Goya (Goyard) no response. Chanel sent us this statement through a spokesman : ” There are only selling authentic Chanel Chanel boutiques and authorized dealers .” After this we obviously untrue statement challenged , with a spokesman for the reply by e-mail channel : “Unfortunately, Chanel no further comment thank you for your understanding. .”
Of course , fakes rampant , but a strong second-hand market is a sign of brand strength . Therefore, these companies refuse to help consumers – as well as communication with the media , indeed regrettable.
Indeed , there are very few third-party companies to provide services to identify true and false , but also need to be treated with caution . I’ll give one company a telephone call, the phone can not be switched on results . The company ‘s Web site requires payment in advance , in order to provide information to us. And there is no evidence to indicate who this company is the operator , who will carry out this work , and what his qualifications to provide advice .
From a consumer perspective, they certainly need these services , but few companies to seize this opportunity. Susan Scaffidi (Susan Scafidi) is Fordham University School of Law (Fordham Law School) Fashion Law Institute of the person in charge , “fashionable fake ” (Counterfeit Chic) author of the blog , she said the reason is that , “If you identify any errors occur , will take on a huge responsibility .” luxury brands to actively enforce their trademark rights , you do not want to fake identification is authentic. Similarly , they do not want to see , if somebody wants to sell the real thing , but was mistakenly identified as a fake and filed a lawsuit . All of these legal proceedings are likely to pay a high defense costs .
Scaffidi said , more importantly, if the fake done a good job , and even this may be difficult to distinguish fake and genuine, despite their covert and overt identification of ways . For example, the number of stitches per inch may be a trade secret, and Coach handbags serial numbers and other signs , they can easily determine whether a genuine handbag .
At the same time , large numbers of online shopping sites allow consumers to more easily deceived Goyard Tote Price than ever. These sites play a bigger way name ; hung the picture looks a lot like the real thing ( these photos may violate copyright provisions ) ; in commodity pricing will take a lot of effort to make them look as authentic discount sale instead of wild speculations of counterfeit goods. And any other network providers, you have to consider their year of operations ; their previous number of customers ; If the seller has a large inventory of goods , but this product has been sold in other places , it is questionable. If they are willing to return to you , then you pretty good luck , and sometimes they have to charge high restocking fee will be allowed to return.
Must not believe that they say about the origin of goods . “This is a gift” , this explanation is too common. While you may want to believe that some of the items will fall from the truck , or in the evening to be smuggled out through the back door factory , but Scaffidi said that these cases are very rare. Do not be deceived by a tag ; able to produce counterfeit handbags people can mimic tag .
Fashion people how to do it ? Train your eye , found fake flaws, personally appreciate the real thing – Scaffidi recommend you to boutiques or authorized dealer to view. Then , before you buy handbags from other sources , carefully check something . Here are the products she recommends you consider the characteristics .
Material . Not all designer handbags are genuine leather . For example , Louis Vuitton handbags made ​​using coated canvas with leather trim . If the edge is with genuine leather handbags , then it should feel dry – not greasy , slippery or adhesions. Hardware should be full weight – and not hollow. If the brand name is printed on the metal parts, please confirm whether genuine is to do so .
Process: car suture should be absolutely uniform, no loose ends of thread or suture needle back – this is a sign of rough work . Carefully check the seams to see Chanel handbags lozenge pattern or Louis Vuitton handbags are aligned. Companies such as Louis Vuitton logo very seriously and will not appear sutures split case letters . Regardless of which side of the suture pattern appears , should be accurately aligned.
Lining: counterfeiters rarely see clearly inside the handbag . Typically, they are based on photographs of imitation handbags, and color photographs usually biased. If you’ve been boutiques, personally saw the color of the hand bag , you have the advantage of immediately identified . Hand bag lined with authentic colors should exactly – but not very close.
Pocket. According photos counterfeiters fraud , rather than genuine imitation , which is prone to error . Scaffidi a fake Chanel handbags , counterfeiters missing pocket on the back , there is a Coach handbag , they produced a pocket on the back , but added a zipper.
Origin. Some counterfeiters are often marked ” Made in France ” on Louis Vuitton knockoffs . But it happens, at least there is a Louis Vuitton product is produced in Spain . For example , Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) and artist Takashi Murakami (Takashi Murakami) co- designed cherry handbags, Louis Vuitton on classic brown print bottom, printed on the cherry blossoms , flower as strange smiley faces .
Spelling errors. All kinds of counterfeit handbags Scaffidi collected a Coach handbag , marked with “eatherware” ( missing word in the “L”). Goya counterfeiters even more Goyard Tote egregious errors committed , they put the company ‘s name makes up “Gooyar”, printed on the top printing canvas bag and dust bag . Counterfeit nature exposed.
Based on the above criteria four , Scaffidi suspected Sian purchased this Louis Vuitton handbag whether genuine , even though she does not absolutely sure . However, she pointed out , does not match the color package lined with genuine ; feel like genuine leather handle ; pattern seams are not perfectly aligned ; suture ends are back label below the needle phenomenon .
We put this package gave Griffiths , in order to prove the authenticity of the handbag , she made ​​a separate attempt. In the absence revealed himself as ” Forbes” writer ‘s case , she took the package arrived in Seattle Louis Vuitton store , ask if they can repair the worn edging, Sian think they will not fake service . Female clerk examined the package , which means that it is genuine – this old section of handbags has been discontinued .
Griffiths said, ” she examined the package ( internal, external , lining and pocket ) ,” including on top of the pocket with leather suppress the serial number , which marked the place and date of manufacture handbags . ” Serial number has been worn, so she can not see it , but according to the degree of wear of the overall package , the serial number of the normal wear and tear .” Normally, Louis Vuitton handbags, re- sealing the price is $ 175 , but not for the hand bag, because vinyl coating has been cracked , if they re- sealing the seams will cause the risk of further rupture.
The situation becomes more complicated. Is the previous owner of this package has been patched , but has not been the Louis Vuitton brand maintenance ( in view of their high charges for this service ) ? This may explain why the end of the handle and zipper did not use the same material manufacturing leather label . Use the old leather handbag handle will appear worn. So, maybe the owner of this package replaces the original handle with a synthetic material , which is more durable.

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